SØKTE Talks About His New Album, Inspiration, and Future Plans

SØKTE - Mahbubur Rahman

Meet Søkte, a Bangladeshi orchestral and cinematic project established by Mahbubur Rahman in 2022. The project explores varieties of musical styles including ballad pop and nordic folk, which eventually evolved into orchestral and cinematic soundscapes.

Søkte recently released Warcry EP, along with a single named I’ll Sing You A Nice Song. With more than 100K+ streams on Spotify with a few songs, we can clearly state that Søkte’s musical journey has just started. Also, an album named Beyond The Ballads Of I is on the way. We talked with Søkte about his musical journey and upcoming projects.

The Foundation

Upon asking about Søkte, Mahbubur explained to us how this project came to life. He ended up writing a ballad pop song when trying to come up with some softer music. “I’ll sing you a nice song, save when I’m not strong,” these lyrics started the project. 

Søkte listened to a lot of Norwegian music back in the day, which came from his love for this beautiful language. A Wardruna song titled Helvegen goes like “Eg songane søkte, eg Songane Sende” meaning “I sought the songs, I sent the songs” got stuck with Søkte. That’s where the SØKTE name came from.

Even though the project stuck to the same exact genre forever, the sound evolved and became a cinematic-orchestra project. Compositions here are usually built with a variety of different scales starting from Minor to Double Harmonic Major and whatnot. Every album / EP is basically an entire Journey. “An entire cinema written through music” as Søkte likes to think of it.

Although the album can be best described as a medley or suite since every song in an album is a part of one single project at a time. Søkte suggests everyone expect that with every upcoming work from him. Søkte likes to describe the project as a movie of listeners’ own conscience or journey.

The Inspirations 

Talking about his inspirations, Søkte especially mentioned being fascinated by the music of Hans Zimmer. He elaborated that Zimmer’s works on Pirates of The Caribbean he heard as a child, and now the soundtracks of Dune, are the things that made Hans Zimmer a “personal fascination” of Søkte. He sees Hans Zimmer more as a fascination, rather than a inspiration.

The Transitions

Mahbubur Rahman had multiple aliases in his musical career. From dubstep alias, Danstev to newly grown Søkte, this guy came a long way in terms of their musical journey. The transitions are notable and changed his sound greatly. From dubstep to death metal, the transition shaped the current sound of Mahbubur Rahman. Because of finding dubstep music not “artistic anymore” he didn’t continue as Danstev. He switched genres with every new alias. He described his transition as an artist to be more like how metal blades are used to cut metal sheets. As he explained “It just happened” without him even paying attention.

The Roots

We asked whether there is a chance of coming back to his past aliases, Søkte stated that he got no plans to restart these old projects of his. He is done with his dubstep root Danstev. Then there goes the metal band Eyes Dug Out which he formed with another member and left after six months. Even though Søkte won’t work with Eyes Dug Out in the future, the project will continue on its own. He also mentioned scrapping a whole album which he worked on for six months and ended up not releasing it as he “didn’t feel like” doing so.

The Favorites

The current favorite artist of SØKTE is himself. As he’s writing a cinematic album, he barely listened to other artists than himself for a while. Although he sometimes comes across the works of Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Hans Zimmer, and various others. He also listens to death metal bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Organectomy.

The Message

A cinematic SØKTE album titled “Beyond The Ballads Of I” is coming soon very soon. Here goes a message from Søkte to the readers:

“I have a cinematic album coming up, I would ask the readers to follow me on Spotify and Apple music and listen to the album straight up when it releases. I’d like to thank everyone for their support and motivation. Thanks to everybody for being a part of this great journey.”

SØKTE (Mahbubur Rahman)

You can follow SØKTE across different platforms via his artist page on our site. Click here to go to the SØKTE artist page.

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