Axe 391’s Arcane EP Dropping Soon!

The EP features homegrown talents such as DSTYLER, Graff8e, Trojar, & Aunny

Axe 391 is about to drop his very first EP titled ARCANE. If you are not familiar with his music, let me tell you that his underground house music sound and future pop excellency will amaze you for sure.

Okay, back to the ARCANE EP!

What’s so special about the EP, you may ask?

Actually, it’s one of a kind if you ask me.

The Ep contains four Bengali tracks, featuring homegrown talents such as DSTYLER, Graff8e, Trojar, and Aunny. You can expect some future pop action blended with that beautiful language of ours.

Check out these dope artworks via the embedded Instagram post.

The Arcane EP will be released one track per week from September 1. Every 15 days, you’ll receive a new treatment of future pop music from Axe 391 and the gang

Axe 391 is very hopeful for the upcoming EP and also the growing indie community. He also expressed his vision to continue supporting newcomers via his label, Ort Noise.

You can follow Axe 391 on social media and streaming platforms to be notified about releases from Arcane EP and beyond.

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