Alavei Forhad & Tanvir Kawnine bring out Revolution 2.0

Alavei Forhad & Tanvir Kawnine – Revolution 2.0 (2022)
Tanvir Kawnine (Left) & Alavei Forhad (Right)

Alavei Forhad and Tanvir Kawnine joined in force to create timeless techno banger, Revolution 2.0. If you’re wondering, this track is actually a follow-up of Revolution which is a collaborative track by Alavei Forhad and SAZID.

Revolution 2.0 features earth-shattering kicks and mind-boggling synths. It was released via Melodic Bassment Records on July 30. The track managed to get about ten thousand streams within a couple of days of release.

The music video of Revolution 2.0 is a revolutionary music video, as this happened to be the first Techno music video from Bangladesh. You can stream the music video on YouTube.

Tanvir Kawnine is a Bangladesh-born Swedish synth genius. Alavei Forhad, on the other hand single-handedly carried the Techno genre in Bangladesh. You should definitely check out Revolution 2.0 right now.

Listen to Alavei Forhad & Tanvir Kawnine – Revolution 2.0

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